1. Use better and safer browser. Chrome and Firefox fits into this category. From my own experience, I love Firefox better than Chrome.

2. Firefox add-on Tranquility, allow user a way removes adverts, image, social media tools and other promotional elements.

"Tranquility is a FireFox extension that improves the readability of web articles.

Tranquility removes unnecessary elements in a webpage, and provides a simple and tranquil reading experience. Similar functionality is available through Readability or iReader. Tranquility attempts to solve the same problem using a different approach."

Search for FireFox add on Tranquility and you should be find it easily.

3. Increase the font size of web pages. Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the middle button on your mouse upward to increase font size on the fly.

You can also hold down the Ctrl key and press the "+" to magnify the screen thus giving you a bigger font size.

4. Blocking unwanted content. Adblock Plus is available for Firefox and Chrome users. You add power to Adblock Plus by installing extra lists of filters from easylist.adblockplus.org. Whenever you encounter any unwanted elements showing up in your browser, right-click them and select Adblock Image.

Block annoying ads automatically, no distractions
Browse faster and safer
Fully customizable — you are in control
Easy to contribute, report issues when you see them

5. Have web pages read out to you. NonVisual Desktop Access (www.nvda-project.org) is able to read text displayed on web pages to you. This is particularly useful when you've tired eye but would still like to know the contents on a web page.

You can configure a male or female voices, and even run the program from a USB drive. NVDA is free for download and they would love voluntary donations to support their project.

6. Check for add-ons in your browser. Add ons do gives you an edge when used correctly. Under normal circumstand, disable all unused add-on on your browser. It speed up your browsing experience.

7. Disabling Flash content do help loading speed of a web page and help user to have a better experience. The only problem with not allowing flash contents is that you won't be able to watch Youtube videos or play flash games on popular site like facebook. For this reason, it's good if we are allow to white list sites that are allowed to run flash.

Flashblock is an add on for Firefox and Chrome that allow you to determine a white list of sites you want flash to run.

8. Ant downloader is a browser add on that allow you to download video from lots of sites, including Youtube and Facebook. It support IE and Firefox.