Smart defender will protect your system from most forms of malware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkit and spyware. However, it goes the extra miles, than most free anti-virus programs available nowadays. It offers a range of optimisation tools for cleaning and fixing up Windows Registry error, releasing spare memory, defragging hard drive, even boosts game performance, providing protection to game account and more.

There are three types of on-demand scan available: Quick, Full and Custom. There are all launched from the main screen. Once running, you can pause or stop a scan; set it to deal with threats automatically as soon as it's finished, and shut down your computer afterwards. You can set the option to schedule quick scan to run at a specific time daily.

If you find a suspicious file that's less than 5MB in size, you can drag it to the cloud security window to upload to Anvisoft for quick analysis. Additionally, the program offers a selection of real-time protection features. There are Privacy, Startup, Pricess, Behaviour and Files guards, which can all be toggled on or off. Each works in different ways to spot and eliminate potentially malicious processes. Smart Defender is designed to be compatiable with all existing anti-virus software, so it shouldn't clash with any security applications you already have installed, making it a useful second line of defence.

The Privacy cleaner is less useful, because it removes cookies and history from Internet Explorer but, disappointingly, not from other browsers.