In the internet marketing arena, buy traffic to ones website may seem like a good idea, at least for the naive. After all they feel excited when they get to know there are such services available. Some without giving much thought would jump on the offer that seemingly good idea.

Good paid traffic strategy that you can consider are:

1. Web Traffic derive from advertising online from a legal source. You must know where your ads will appear, on what type of websites. Google Adwords is one of those offer that allows to get paid traffic legally. You know Google is known to have a wide spread on the internet that allow your ads to appear around the world.

Thus it would be a good idea that you, manage your geographical location targetting in Google Adwords and apply a limits on the amount you're willing to spend.

You may want to refer to this article about using Google Adwords

2. Web Traffic derive from authority website in your niche. For instance, if you're selling cars spare parts. It would be a strategic plan to place ads on cars website or car enhancement forum. Be sure before placing ads, you must know whether the visitors to that website are those, your targetted audience.

Let's take the selling car spare parts business as an example. It makes good business sense to place ads on website that talk about cars that is targetting local audience. If you're doing business in Malaysia, you wouldn't want to place ads UK cars review websites, unless you're selling parts to global customers.

To do this, you may need to contact the webmaster via email about your intention to place ads on their site. Some established website may already have in place a scheme of advertisement pricing on their site.

The setback I can think of when adopting this traffic strategy, is the authority website might be your competitor and thus refused your ads on their site.

Or in another scenario, it could be there are no authority sites in your geographical location. In this case, you might not be able to adopt this traffic strategy.

On the other hands here are some "What Not To Do" when using paid traffic strategy for your website.

1. Do not buy traffic from source that you don't know, even if the seller seems to be from a reputable forum. These traffic seller often promised targetted traffic to your website and often they can produce seemingly real screen shots to back their claimed. I'm suggesting in some instance, fake testimonial can be tailored for the sake of making sales claim looks real. Bearing in mind, because of the nature of the digital world, you would need to pass your own judgement, before taking into account the credibility of testimonial.

Unless the rationing of driving targetted traffic can explained, you should reconsider your decision of buying traffic, from that source. You must be able to see the logical reason, why your traffic provider is able to drive targetted traffics to your website. If you're told that's trade secret and cannot be reveal or for whatever reasons, you would have to moved on. There should be no discreet about how they direct traffic. You're paying for their service and effort, not their trade secrets.

2. Do not buy ads slots on site that claimed to have high daily traffics. You can use Google Trends to check a website's traffic before you decide whether you want to place ads on it.

3. Do not use the service of middleman. You have no idea and control over what is being delivered to your website. Fake traffics can be generated using a special type of software called bot. What this bot does is, it will automatically visits your site giving you the false impression of traffic arrival.