Diablo 3 was launched on 15 May 2012 after much delayed. Beside breaking new presale records selling over 3.5 millions copies in its first hours of release, it also introduced an online auction house.

Perhaps the idea of allowing trades of real money for virtual items this is not something new, but for a major gaming house to allow such, would be a bold new step forward for the gaming industry. This certainly is opening up new opportunity for players and Blizzard as well. The real-money auction house fees will be $1 USD, €1, £1, etc. from equipment (weapons and armor) and 15 percent from crafting materials. There is an additional 15 percent "cashing-out" fee from proceeds gained selling items in the real-money auction house. It's still pretty early to say what would be the response like for players toward buying virtual items.

In country like south Korean, where gaming is a huge industry, playing game with real money is barred. Thus for this reason, the real money auction house is not available there.

Thing might sounds rosy, when come to think of this development as opportunity to make money while playing Diablo 3. Be aware though, playing for fun and getting some pocket money would be a fun thing, but to play for a living, would be a totally different story.

PVP (player versus player) combat is promised by Blizzard at a later stage would perhaps spur the demand for highly sought after rare item for used in PVP combat. So long as Blizzard maintain scarcity for its rare item releases, the price for these virtual items will be soaring high and hard to get.

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