There is an old adage saying, mind set is what determine whether a person succeed of fail. For the majority of work class out there, what would be the best mind set to adopt while working a day job.

While we always talk and was thinking of creating passive income, why would I want to share a mind set of keeping and how to excel in your day job? Well for a simple reason we need money to live and for the majority of us, that's what we are lacking wasn't it?  And the simplest way is to get a day job, be very good at it and make some excess money so we can go invest the excess.

Here are some ways to get around of the common mind set, that set a working class has, that would set most of them in the same group - "The group that rarely got a promotion."

1. "Pay me more and I'll be a better worker".  Most working people wanted more money, a good increment and big bonus. But most people rarely think from the point view of the management. Rarely working people ask themselves "How can I contribute and make myself an excellent worker."

It would be hard for them to accept, "I'm not up to par for this task." and the need to change themselves. Instead, they took the easier way out saving their ego, by putting the blame on other - normally their boss, superior officer or even people around them.

2. You must be well verse in your job to be able to perform well in taking care your existing tasks and fullfiling your current responsibilities. Do not ask how much you'll get in return for taking on a responsibility, but ask how can you excel in your current task without caring for an immediate reward. In fact, the "Pay me more first, and I'll be a better worker", is just a lame excuse for not being able to live up to expectation.
Most working class wanted immediate reward, while most successful people would go the extra miles aiming for long term reward ignoring short term benefits.

3. You must go the extra miles not for your boss, but for yourself. Learning more and testing it out by contributing adds to your own confidence and knowledge. Even if your peer or boss took all your credits, keep learning and contribute. Take task as a challenge to yourself. Measure yourself and competite against yourself.

4. If you've already done your best and still cannot excel in your job, learn from those who beat you or who are better than you. Expand your scope of responsibilities, you'll see more things you need to learn when you're in the position. If you're still in the thought you're better, but not getting the recognition you deserve, its time you refresh your resume.

5. Many working class people would like to think their boss don't know how to appreciate them and starting to lag in their work. This is a self defeating thought many people had but was not aware of it.
Get rid of this mentality, its hurting you more than anyone else. You only need to prove yourself to yourself and not anyone else. It's true there are boss who doesn't know how to appreciate or admire talent, and you might be in this position, so brush up and move on, find someone else who knows how to admire your talent.

6. Most working class people shun away from mistake and want to cover up their mistake. If you convince yourself, you've make no mistake, there is no need for a correction and you won't learn from it. Successful people adopt a different view on mistake, they learnt from it. When the same situation present itself again, they shine by taking on the issue or better still, turn it into an advantage.

7. Unless you're coming from a family that can back you up and help you to start a business, most middle class people need a day job to cover their basic necessity. This is why its important for you to excel even in your day job. It's a perfect training ground for you to build up your personality and you get paid for doing it - this is how successful people look at themselve while they are working a day job.

The average joe working class think a company owe it to them. When they are given more responsibilities and work load, they want to think they are being taken advantage and want to retaliate or complaint.
All they want is more pay and less work - a mind set they adopt and hope to realise until the day they retire.

If you think for current job sucks - try change yourself first and you can start with the following mind set change.

1. Learn to say NO - politely. Know your limits and do not make promises you can't keep. If you've been an easy push over all these while, make the change now. Learn to say NO - its an art and you'll be loving it.

2. Know whom you're reporting to. Do just take orders from everyone. You'll end up having dozens of order coming in everyday. Take instruction only from you head - the person who sign your appraisal form and not from just anyone.

3. Make a queue for the task you need to do daily and work on it accordingly. Time management is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Practice it now, it need time to perfect.

4. How you should look at mistake. Blame no one, not even yourself. Analyse it, how it happend, how to avoid in future and what action to take if it happen again. There is a lesson from every mistake, find it. Remember, don't beat yourself up for mistake, it's part and parcel of your job. If every jobs has no obstacle, there would be need for your position.

5. Keep your resume up to date. You never know when opportunity present itself, when it does, its usually for a limited time and you may be taking too long updating your resume.