No doubt, Facebook rank second in terms of traffic on the internet, after Google. Is Facebook share / stock worth investing could be on the mind of people who invest in securities. Following on from the huge success of other top rank technologies company like Apple with it's success with iPhones and iPads that sent its stock price sky rocketing, could Facebook follow the same foot steps?

Least to said, that is what many would be hopping for. From the current hot market trend and a thrist for hit tech stock, I would expect Facebook shares to command a premium price upon listing on the US market. But for how long the upward trend would continue is a totally different story.

Setting our eye forward, could Facebook live up to the high expectation from investors? Some of the major revenue Facebook is reported to come from advertisements and fees from games developer.

Why would anyone want to advertise on Facebook? My opinion is the promise of millions of users online everyday, makes the potential to reach out to the mass appealing - that is at least for the non marketing expert.

Take a look at the screen on Facebook after I've login.

Ads are displayed on the right hand column of my page. I wasn't isn't doing any search and I've no idea how these ads are triggered and shown on my page.

An ads written in Chinese language that seem like an online game, a credit card with rebate for filling up gas, a travelling agency ads, and a Forex trading site.

This is the scene from a user in Malaysia. I wonder how it looks for a user from other countries and from non English users. Are the ads appearing relevant to the topics from your news feed?

On second thought, if I would like to search for the best Red Wine to pair with some red meat for an occasion, how do I go about allowing some of these advertisers to show me what they've got.

No doubt, Facebook do offer a lot of potential for commercial monetization but as of this moment, the advertising system could really use some creativity to help make both, the advertiser and people looking for something meeting up.

If you're a long term investor (investing for over 10 years and above), Facebook's stock nonetheless are worth investing in.  They are receptive to criticism and I've personally seen many changes on Facebook.

They've got the technical expertise, the charm and now the money - they can make things happen!  In spite of all these facts, I would still consider Facebook a high risk stock.