Facebook is going public and its shares will be traded on Nasdaq, estimated around 2nd quarter of 2012.  While its tip to be one of the largest IPO ever, the question is can Malaysian buy Facebook share in Malaysia?  The short answer is 'Yes'

All you need is a share trading account with one of the securites firm in Malaysia. As most of them are able to see and trade counters listed on AMEX, Nasdaq, NYSE and SGX (Singapore). If you already have one of this account, all you need is to sign some papers and you would need to call your remisier to get your account activated.

If you don't have a trading account yet, time is running short and you'll need to move fast. You can asked a few securities firm around your area to get the best deal. Some might need you to deposit certain amount of money before they allow you to trade shares.

I've done some experience with RHB Securities online trading account and I can see SGX share traded almost real time, just like the Bursa. Take note though, there are delays of up to 15 minutes in the quotes for market other than Bursa. For counters in US, you would need to login in the evening to see activities.

Are there differences in buying share in Malaysia and US?

If you're buying US shares via securities firm here in Malaysia, here are something you ought to take note

1. When we buy shares in Malaysia or Singapore, we buy in lot.  In Malaysia each lot consist of a minimum of 100 shares, unless stated otherwise.  Shares in US are counted as per share.  This means if you buy one share, you got one share.

2. Each transaction are charged a fee, consider relatively high for small time investor.  We are talking something like US19.90 per transaction, eventhough you buy only one share.

So before you jump on the bandwagon to grap some Facebook shares, its wise to do your own research whether its worthwhile and do take the time to find out in details from your securities firm before you ahead with this investment.