Mobile devices and smartphones is the current trendy and in thing. Wherever you go, you won't have difficulty spotting someone indulging themselve with one of these devices.

No doubt its worth developing the necessary skills in building games, applications and even web design for mobile and smart devices. As anyone would have know, it take time and effort to be an expert in building quality application that run on these future gadgets.

IOS and Android may share some similarity from user experience of point view, but because of the underlying fundamental differences on the two leading platforms, behind the scene developing an apps on either platforms required very different set of technical know-how.

Which one would you opt for, being the Apple's IOS based developer or Google based Android developer?

No doubt, Apple's iPhone and iPad have spark a new wave of interest for the younger generation and Android seem trailing trying to keep up with the trend set by the IOS. If you're going to spend some serious time and effort for the next couple years learning and picking up the right skills in one of the two main platforms which one would it be?

Developer's advantage
Any developer building apps on Apple's IOS would need to pay a fee for using their development tools, resources and even marketing the end product be it a game or application. Android is free for everyone having an interest in building application on its platform. It received strong support for a vast market.

Free entry level
Apple - need to pay a fee for access to their resources, namely the SDK (System Development Kit).

Android - Free access for all.

Need for loyalty
Both platforms does not required loyalty payment for products built based on their platforms.

You can sell your IOS products on Apple store where they would make a cut on your sale. Developer are prohibited to sell their product other than on Apple store.

You can market your Android based products on Android market.

Both have a special market where both sellers and buyers meet.

Developer supporting the devices
Apple based IOS staple of devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod. All of these are market under the Apple brand.

Google's Android based staple of mobile phones and devices - Android smartphone, tablets, netbooks. Supported by many world renowed brand like, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Acer, Sony Ericsson and the provider of the OS Google.

As in the past how products trend and cycle have it, in any emerging markets there could be a few players or many players, eventually two leader would remain and after a period time only one will stand.

Free entry levelNoYes
Everyone can build a niche in this segmentYesYes
Need for loyalty for end product producedNoNo
Support from multi brand