Smartphone market has become a huge market, selling smartphone game is one market niche worth looking into. This is one niche that doesn't need hugh capital upfront to start and it's ideal as a passive income generator in long run.

If you own any of these smart devices like iPhone, iPad or a Smartphone, you would have know there are lots of games selling in between cents and under three dollar and it's readily available for download 24x7.

It may required extra effort and time to put up a product for sell on these market, but in the long run, its worth the effort.

What you need to start?

1. A personal computer as your development platform. It does matter whether its a Windows PC or a Mac. A majority of the essential tools are available for both platforms though some of these tools may only run on one platform.

2. A device that run the OS you intend to build your game on. Example, get an iPhone or iPad if you intend to build IOS based game. Get an Android based smartphone if you're aiming for the Android market. Beside smartphone there are many other devices that uses Android as their OS.

3. Getting your product up. There are two ways I can think of to get your game up.

First is to pick up the necessary programming skills and build your own game. To do this, you'll need to learn programming, the tools used to build smartphone game. You may need to read some books, buy some video tutorial to help you get started.

The advantages of building your own game are
i) You get full control of your own product.
ii) Your may save cost doing it yourself.
iii) Once you've master the programming aspect of it, you can build as many games as you want.
iv) Your game development time will improve as your skills sharpen.
v) The type of games or application you produce will only be limited by your own imagination.

The cons are
i) You may never or take too long to get your product up and there are high chances of given up even before you start markting your first game.
ii) Programming may seems daunting for some, as it required passion and commitment.
iii) You may run out of idea on the types of game play.

If 'Do it yourself' is not for you, an alternate way to go is hire a freelancer to build it for you.

Hiring a freelance or professional may seem to be the easier way to go with but proceed with precaution. You'll need to spend some money and along the way must learn to liaise with your freelance developer.

Nonetheless there are many freelance or outsourcing site where you can find experience smartphone developer with affordable cost but you must be ready to part with some money in the event you bump into a unscrupulous freelancer.

The advantages of outsourcing are
i) You can get your games out very quickly and you can concentrate on marketing it.
ii) You can get support whenever you encounter a problem with your product.

The cons of outsourcing are
i) Only a handful of developers are capable of producing high quality game.
ii) Good developers may move on one day.
iii) The asking price of a quality developer might be high, so does the poor one. You'll need to learn how to do your own research and ask the right question to find the right person.

4. Here are two online starting point to help you get started.
i) The Android, you'll need a gmail account to begin. Android Publisher signup

ii) Apple's IOS, development center for devices like iPhone and iPad: IOS center