Named the "The world's shrewdest businessman" by Forbes, Tan Sri Robert Kuok speaks to CCTV recently in a rare interviewed that received wide coverage by local reporters.

Dubbed as the richest man in Malaysia, Tan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien is also commonly known the Sugar King or Hotel King which he deem both as fake fame but would prefers the "Hotel King" title.

Kuok said building a successful business empire was 90% dependent on hard work. The rest was intellect. He attribute his success in sugar refinery business for his ability to speak English back then.

The tycoon hinted, “I think many people were cleverer than me. However, their night life was more messy. The next day, they would fall asleep at their desks. I did not fall asleep, so my horse ran faster".

He cited people who wanted to venture into business must have courage and be brave as every business has its own risks, not overcoming one's fear, one would always be poor.

Besides talking about his foray into the travel industry in China and the venture into the sugar refinery business in his early years, he talked about his mother.

Kuok spoke fluent Mandrain in his interview with CCTV, attribute it to his mother who teaches him to always remember their roots, she is also the person whom he said was the most influential person in his life.

Kuok also said, once his mother recognised his talent for business, she taught and given him many valuable advices, which include some very old adage like being humble, not to be greedy, to help the poor and be a responsible businessman.