Who doesn’t like to be sent flowers? In fact sending flowers occasionally would help strengthen a relationship. This business is about helping people stay connected and not just about selling flowers. You'll be targetting busy executives whose work schedule doesn't allow them to personally going out to send flowers on special occasion.

As you'll be targetting busy people, its important that you must make your service convenience and easy to use. Your business should be rosy on valentine day but on a normal day its the best time to accumulate your client base. Send your client name cards, offer them speciall price on valentine day, do special delivery on special occasion.

There several ways to selling flowers online, the easiest method is to affiliate with a well establishe supplier.

Your Web site will market and sell flowers, but when customers make a purchase you send the order to your supplier and they take care of the order fulfillment and delivery. You make your revenue by generating a small commission on all sales you send to your supplier. Want you need to know is the area of coverage by a certain flower supplier and you can setup more than one flower store targetting different geographical location with multiple supplier.

As your business grow, you can adopt a more complex method of selling flowers online like handle the fulfillment yourself through your own store or through your affiliate network. This type of business is usually restricted to those who have bigger capital for larger stores for flowers offline, as well as an online store.

When an online order is received, you can fullfilled it yourself, if it's within your geographical area of coverage or you can pass order to your affiliate outside your area but within a partner store's coverage.

The important thing you should take note is your order procedure. When a visitor filled up your order form online, make sure it is attended without much delay. You can make good use of the mobile technologies by setting your mobile device to receive a copy of any order that's coming in.

As fresh flowers are suitable for local market, you can expand to selling artificle flowers where there is no need to worry about keeping flowers fresh and alive for long distance delivery.

This type of business is highly suitable for people who are already selling flowers offline, one-person part time and affiliate marketer. This business has huge potential and can be grown to full scale big business.

Marketing can be done through social network, local ads and online free ads.