By default Wampserver start whenever Windows starts. I've disabled this setting to free some resources on my PC. I start it manually only when I need Wampserver.

How to start Wampserver.

Click on your Windows start button and select start Wampserver.

Once its running you can find a small icon on the bottom right side of your Windows Taskbar.

How to install an application into Wampserver.

Once WampServer is setup properly, it behave exactly like a web server running on any professional web hosting, just that in this case its running on your PC. The default root path is located at c:\wamp\www (if you have not changed it during installation).

To check your Wampserver up and running fine, open up your favourite browser and enter http://localhost

You should be able to see Wampserver's main page. If you drop any HTML files at c:\wamp\www it will appear just like any html based website.

You can configure its setting by clicking on Wampserver's icon on the taskbar.

To stop your Wampserver, right click on the small wampserver icon on your taskbar and select 'exit'. If you do not need this application, it can be removed in your Windows control panel.

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