There are many ways for you to do it online if you have a knack for humor or cartoon sketching. In nowadays, if you're not that artistic in sketching, you can take photos and turn them into sketching using open source photo editing tool like GIMP.

A common trend found as a norm in most humor sites is the inclusion of an opt-in mail list - a joke of the day, quote of the week, or the like to deliver humor content to your email.

Many sites supplement their income inclusion of ads of other companies in their mail list or newsletter based on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. Often we can see them selling banner ads opportunities as well. Some of these jokes sites had feature that allow their visitor to email jokes to their friends with links in email that point back at the origin site. This increase their presence on the web thus allowing more people to know their site's existence.

There are some that even allow reprint of their content with a fee or to develop a custom story line for company on special occasion or periodic news print. The attraction of using joke in the form of entainment, open up to opportunities to other revenue like Web icon design, gifts, cards, advertising, and apparel. Well-developed artistic or written skills, combined with a knack for humor.

Your product copyright issues need to be addressed. If you are charging for the use of your products or creative work, ensure that your contracts are very clear in the usage rights you are granting. Make it very clear whether the client has the exclusive rights, unlimited usage, or single usage rights.

This is the kind of one-person business that anyone with skills can embark. This business can also made good choice as a part-time endeavor for a start.

Web hosting and promotion costs will play a role in your start-up costs. Investment in equipment to develop the products of the business will also have to be incurred if you do not already own items such as a scanner, graphic editing software or software license. Expect costs to run between $3,000 and $6,000.

This business model, have great international potential, but only if the foreign culture is similar to yours. Pitfall, in this type of business is that you may find funny, others may not. Also, if you’re focusing on current happenings, these happenings may not be of great interest to foreign countries.