What is the objective of using article marketing?

The objective could be simply how to solve a problem like 'How to get a franchise ship from a famous brand in a specific country', 'How to effectively stop sweating feet or armpit' or 'How to prevent hair loss'. People having these problem are in need to finding a soultion for their problems. These problem may seem like a joke for a healthy person but having it as your problem, you would understand how these problem would have a domino effect on ones personal life.

Giving some tips or ideas that might be good for an occasion like 'What to buy as gift for birthday for someon special for you or someone just get to know (like a new colleage)', 'Present ideal for 30th anniversary', 'Best gifts for newborn' and 'Best under $10 gift for house warming'. These suggestions are examples I could think of and its not an exhaustive lists. I still remembered very well when my first baby arrived. Lots of people are thinking of buying disposal napkin for babies and I ended up having dozens of napkins in my living room. Napkins is a necessity but what I would appreciate having more at that moment of time is Cash. I would love to have the cash given to me rather of napkin. A pack of 20 piece napkin might be costing below $20 but lots of people might be thinking giving the cash would rather not looking good specially if you're living in an Asian country but in my heart, I would rather received the $20 cash because only I would know what is needed at that moment. From my own experience, I've more than enough napkins but have needs for other essential like special brand of baby milk that have anti-regurgitation.

People are in the situation because of circumstances. People like to socialize and socializing could be costly specially when you work in an office environment where you almost know everybody. People don't like to seen like a cheapskate, giving little cash as gift, but would certainly wouldn't go to the stage getting a loan for an occasion gift for a 'just friend' kind of relationship.

In the information age, the strategy to selling a high ticket are

1) Public education or describing of a problem - in this stage often interesting article about type of disease, common problem faced by people at different age level and even 'for the best of interest of your child'.

I can still recalled how omega 3 fish oil was introduced into the market. Almost every alternate Saturday I would saw articles about the different types of fatty acid. Omega 3, omega 6, vegetable oils, trans fatty acid etc. Information like where are good source for these types of essential oil and how important it is to our body and brain specially in a growing child.

These articles came in the form like articles, interview with expert in the field, case study from research center from some institute that support the importance of those fatty acid in our body. From there on, I can heard people suggesting fish oil for ailment like chest pain, healthier baby grow and prevention from dieting with fish oil.

2) Differentiation of the product against your competitor - this stage, often the introduction of the brand producer. The high technology extraction method they used, the certification of their manufacturing plant and the profile of the manufacturer or the researcher.

3) Naming the brand - finally naming of the brand with ads placed at bottom of article to associate or giving an impression as thought the ads were an endorsed brand by the research contents.

Does this branding and marketing strategy method work? Take a visit to your local pharmacy to find how much does a bottle of Omega-3 fish cost and the number of competing brands on the shelf.

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