The war between giants for the mobile device market has begun. Android make its move with the launch of Android like Epad tablet, Android smartphones and the Netbook. Following on is Microsoft's Windows 7 for mobile device which has been long empowering the earlier generation of smartphones known as PDA back then. As we know it today, taking the lead is Apple's IOS stable of devices namely the hugh success of its iPads and iPhones.

The mobile device revolution has just started, with ladyluck smiling on IOS apps developers for now. Relatively young programmers are reported to have made fortune selling downloadable games on Apple's iTune App store that were a priced between USD0.99 and USD2.99.

No matter how the tie turns, here is a gold mine for those who are already in the programming field, specially for those who are familiar with Objective C, IOS Sdk development, Android Sdk development and Windows 7 for smartphone in particular.

For self starter, here is an option to become an iPhone application developer. This is one opportunity brought about by the Internet and smart way to work from home.

Apple's Devcenter.

Over there, any pertaining questions on starting to be an Apple apps developer is answered. In the library you'll find answers on how to get started, guides, reference, sample codes, technical notes and many more.

Many people may have the thought that using a PC would stop one from being a developer in the Mac world and that wasn't true. You can run the IOS sdk in a PC.

Take heed when signing up at Apple app store, take your time to read the terms and conditions and make sure you really understand before proceed.

In one of the latest development on Apple's app store, Apple has enforce its guidelines that all publishers and retailers mustn't have links which link back to developer's own website that is able to circumvent Apple's 30 percent commission on digital items sold on its app store.