Update: 45 mins later Why Hack Malaysia Goverment portal

It it reported in a local daily, that a group of hackers calling themselve 'Annoymous' has posted their next target at a Malaysia Goverment portal www.malaysia.gov.my

This is the first of its kind cyberber attack that openly announce their attack on a Malaysia goverment portal before the actual attack takes place.

It posted the threat using graphic display on graphic sharing website, http://i.imgur.com/PTFWh.png.

The attack is expected to take place on Thursday morning 3.30am Malaysia time.

It is reported that the threat was tweeted by F-secure Corporation chief research officer, Mikko Hypponen at 4.42am Malaysian time. F-secure Corporation is a computer security company based in Helsinki, Finland.

No announcement were made by the hacker group 'Anonymous' as to why they are targetting a Malaysian goverment portal.

Would the actual attack took place at the claimed schedule or would it be possible the portal is already owned before they made the challenge? The answer would be answered soon.

This article is post at: 14 June 2011, Tuesday 2.40pm - one an a half day before the targeted schedule took place.