The Spoon feed mentality

These are group of people who wanted everything to be layout in front of them. They join a company wanting the company to provide them with training, house loan, car loan and promises them a bright and exciting career for them.

When I was in my day job years ago, I interviewed a fresh graduates who came in to interview for the post of a programmer. All he wanted and interested to know is, what's in store for him. He wants to start the job with a four figure income so that he could afford a car, so he asked whether the company provide car loan and how the company intend to train him up.

And in the end he didn't get the job, not even close to being consider for.

I can relate my experience on an occasion, when I was reading an article about a computer games developing company setting up an office in Malaysia. The person in charge said in an interview, the people came for my interview are very different from that of his country. Youngster here ask how they would be train, they hardly can answer if I asked them how would they see themselves can contribute to the company, it was the contrary back home where people came to ask for the job as game developer, would like to show what cool stuffs they can do.

The Right And Wrong mentality

A person with poor leadership in position, always asked "Who Is Right and Who Is At Fault" whenever something he perceived as bad happened. He is most interested to find out whom should bear all the blame should the higher authority asked for who is responsible. His sole role responsibility is to make sure he is not responsible for it. Like it or not, a majority of corporate leaders, department head I've seen belongs to this group and surprisingly this group of people often were able to work their way to retirement.

A leader shines when meet with crisis and a leader's leadership thrive, clearly distinguished how he could pull through the whole event away like a rock star, earning respect and trust from his peer and subordinates. Throughout my 20 over years in the corporates I've seen less than three person who possess this kind of leadership.

What most successful people around the world who wrote books, how do they think? They don't see a problem as problem but sees opportunities and lessons from what is happening.

The Position Leader

This type of leader came to position because they have been with the company long enough to wait for the position. Leaders belong to this group dare not change, always stick to the good old ways of doing things and whenever they cannot convince people to follow their instructions they would sometime says "I'm the senior" or "The management want it this way". Often in crisis, people belongs to this group rarely able to pull out with creative means, what follows next would be finding the scrape goat to take responsibility.

A leader can only be in position when he is fit for the postion not because he has been around long enough. One simple application to this is that a tea lady can be in the office long enough but is still not fit for the position of CEO.

Things must not go wrong

This is a mentality partly contributed by the education system. In schools, children are taught not to make mistake. Whenever a child makes mistake, punishment is always served. When the child grows up, his world would either be right or wrong.

I saw a valuable lesson recently, when a toddler learns to walk, he falls endless times in a day before he could finally able to stood firm on his feet. He would stand and fall, stand again to fall again. He is relentless and it is not wrong to fall and never affair to fall. He don't care I'm staring at him, he don't care the judgement from people surrounding him and he finds his standing and falling a joy. He shows full of enthusiasm learning to walk. Perhaps once we learnt the real meaning of fear and wrong, our relentless spirits will began to fade. What I saw was both the child's parents are more affair than the child did.

If we could learn and try with full of enthusiasm in whatever our endeavour is, we could see the sliver lining in every clouds.