If you are afraid to setup your own hosting, to build your own website for your work from home project because of some fears, here is a lists of no fear, good resources for you to get your hands dirty. A majority of these tools come from the open source communities around the globe.

Get a free domain
Head on to co.cc to get yourself a free subdomain. You'll get yourself a domain name like "example.co.cc" or "myownwebsite.co.cc". Co.cc is known to have strict control over abuse with their domain name. So if anyone of you received any spam from a domain ending with co.cc, just report to their Spam or abuse center. They have no problem and quick at removing these bad apples.

This free subdomain provider and all their information on the web has been deindexed by Google towards the end of 2011.  Though no official reason was given by Google, but on Matt Cutts blog was mentioned "if we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole."

It would have been a good revenue for people wanting to learn about creating domain on the web for genuine business for free but as usual there are enough bad apples to spolit the good intention.

Perhaps there is a leason to be learnt from this event. One should invest some money to get hold of a domain to learn the that is needed for a domain creation.  Freebies do pop up now and then but soon it will over for a reason.

Get a free webhosting
After you've got your domain, now head on to 000webhost Follow through the process and you'll find yourself with a free webhosting, no ads, no catch and absolutely free (at least when I was trying out with their service). The only setback I had with this free webhosting is that they don't provide installation script for common installation like wordpress. So if you're expecting to try out free wordpress hosting, you'll most likely to be disappointed. I've tried to manually installed wordpress at 000webhost as well but with no success.

Byethost is another free webhosting that has no ads and allow wordpress to run, head on to Byethost. This is another commandable free webhosting that's worth trying. If my memory serves me well, you'll need to install wordpress manually, well, again things might been changed.

These are some very good and highly recommended free webhosting and domain resources for anyone wanted to try getting their hands dirty building their own website with free webhosting. When you're ready, to do your own webhosting for your website, you may want to go with them or try some other professional webhosting.

Getting to know Filezilla
Filezilla is one of the most used open source program used to transfer files from your PC / desktop to your web hosting. There are two version of Filezilla, server and client. Filezilla server is for the professional who wanted to setup a ftp server but for the rest of us, Filezilla client is what we need to understand and use.

You can download the latest copy of Filezilla client here: Download Filezilla client

You can find a well written user guide on their official website Using Filezilla

This tool will come in handy now that you can have a free domain name and free web hosting. It's time to get hands on with your own web hosting experience, if you haven't any knowledge about own web host. What else can you do with these resources is all up to your creativity.

When you're ready to self host.
One of the most common combination of self hosting is to buy a domain at godaddy and host your web contents at Hostgator.com. But nowaday, I find godaddy's domain registration is getting costlier. I've switch to namecheap for my domain registration. Do web search for term like discount for domain registration, you'll most likely finding what you want.

You can search for discount on the web before buying a domain or webhosting on the web for site like godaddy, gatorhost and namecheap.

Here are some lists of discount coupon I knew.
Hostgator - bestoffers for 25% off for web hosting.
godaddy - fb3host30 for 30% off.

Graphics design software
Graphics designing is one skill you would want to learn for building long term internet business. Some simple graphics like logo, small banner, website header and side banner can be done easily if we have the skill. This skill can help us design graphics the way we wanted it to be without having to depend on third party graphics designer.

Photoshop is the market leader in graphics design. Learning to use it too would be tough for any newbies. Here are places where you can learn from the expert, head on to Planetphotoshop tutorial - this site shows video tutorial. It's worth spending time learning, even from these free tutorial. It's an eye opening for me.

PhotoshopCafe - this site shows tutorial on web pages.

Alternatively, if photoshop is beyond your reach just like many of us out here, you can always use GIMP. GIMP which is an open source graphics editing software that can produce high quality graphics. Its can also read photoshop source files but unfortunately it can't run photoshop's Action Script.

GIMP 2.6 cookbookGIMP 2.6 for Photographers: Image Editing with Open Source SoftwareGIMP Bible

Free high quality graphics
Here are some places where you can download free high quality graphics to use for free (well for the most of it, watch out for the terms and conditions before using).

Art bees
Premium Pixels
Deviant Art
PSD graphics

Free video streaming software
Creating video is the trend for the future. Learn to create tutorial and stuffs with video is a good idea. The market leader at the moment for screen capture software is camtasia from techsmith. If you belongs to the group that's not so affordable just like me, head on to camstudio at CamStudio - Free Streaming Video Desktop Recording Software

It's another well known free tool from the open source communities you can use to create video tutorial and stuffs.

Open source audio editing software
audacity - A good quality source software you can used for recording & editing audio files.  I haven't got a project that needs me to get my hands dirty with this one.

Free Emails
This is one area probably needs no introduction, lists of good free emails

Gmail - I would say gmail provide the best features and spam filter.

Yahoo mail - Does a fair job but need improvement on spam filtering. Recently I've got a few friend's account senting me spam links and they seems to have no knowledge of it when I contacted them to clarify. I have a feeling they need some security brush up too.

Hotmail - I'm not using this one but it gives me an impression old generation has a large number of followers using it. I could be wrong, but its still worth using believing it can deliver due to the fact, its own by Microsoft.

Your own free web server on your desktop
WampServer and XAMPP are two open source light weight server you can install on your desktop. Both are able to run on Windows PC and Mac.

Here is a simple guide on how to install a web server on PC.

This page will be updated again, if I found any free resources worth visiting.