People loves saving money. That is why we can see the emergence of coupon sites on the internet. How does a coupon site work?

It’s simple. You charge local businesses to advertise their coupons on your site. You then promote your site to the area that you are targeting (it can be domestic or regional) and encourage your visitors to use the coupons available on your Website. You keep on updating your site with the latest promotions to attract more people from revisiting your site. It’s as easy as that!

You may need strong marketing skills or even a sales person to run around town to do the meeting up with prospects.

You can consider allowing a one time fee to allow businesses to published on your site until the promotion ends or a fee for a fix period of time (like a month or two).

Initial captial layout could be substantial for the development of the design, development and hosting of your website. You may want to develop a fully automated system where customers can access to their accounts to published their own promotions.

You may also need to sign for an online payment processor like PayPal. If you're in Malaysia, you can find out more information on Paypal establishment in Malaysia like how to open a Paypal account and link your Malaysia bank account to Paypal account in Malaysia

You may also want to have the options to allow business to do offline placement because not all business owner are computer or internet savvy.

Some of the online strategy you can opt for is link or banner exchange with other webmaster on their blogs or website, pay for ads slots on other website or even making use of free ads sites on the internet. Additional costs are associated with the promoting of your sites via offline advertisement.

To improve the quality of your site contents, you may want to allow visitors to comment and vote on a deal that is published on your site. This encourage business owner to come up with hot bargain that create real value. You can even have a "top spot" or "deal of the month" counted by the number of votes given by visitors.

Develop a viral marketing strategy where visitors can “Send This Coupon to a Friend” via your site or share it on social bookmarking sites. This will help to spread the word about your site.

This is one serious home based internet business you can start working from home but as your business expand you may need to move to a proper business premises.