If you have interest in artificial jewelry, whether you have been a user or admire its artistic beauty, making and selling artificial jewelry could just be the perfect home based internet business for you.

With women being financially independent worldwide, the artificial jewelry is a big business be it offline or online. Artificial jewelry can be in a whole set or separate pieces to complement women dressing outfit.

Here are a few ways to help you going about starting this business.

1) Produce your own stock. This business model require you to know beading, have some creativity, the spare time and skills in taking good pictures of your product on close up.

Creativity is vital if you decide to produce your own aritificial jewelry. If you're new, you may want to start with making single pieces accessories like earring, pendants, charms or necklace. These items are single item that could be easily wear as clothing accessories, unlike items like rings, bracelets and anklets that might require the correct size to fit.

You would need to know how to present the best looking of your product by taking good shot from different angle of your product at close range. Some trial and error should be ease enough even with an automatic pocket digital camera.

A little knowledge in photo editing would be an added advantage to make up for some of the defect in digital photos.

2) If you have no intention of making your own product or doesn't have the skills to produce one, not all is lost. Sourcing locally or online for a supplier is always an alternative and workable solution. However, sourcing locally has the advantage of better gauging the quality of the product before making the purchase for resell.

When sourcing online there is always the risk of getting low quality product, product mismatch against the catalog or missing in delivery that could tarnish your brand name. Unless you've know the supplier well enough, it's better to start of with local market.

Online marketing for artificial jewelry business can be done by developing your own website or you can easily sign up at other e-commerce site like eBay. The current trend is marketing on social network.

Social network like Facebook has opened up opportunities and making it much more effective in reaching out to a sizeable market audience quickly.

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