If you're a fan of movies, cars, playing online games like Role-Play Game (RPG), video console game, reading books, skills and crafts, and even interest in electronics gadgets, then it might be a good idea for you to run your own review site.

Because of the addictiveness nature of these leisure or entertainment hobbies there are a huge specified market niche that you can create. The stream of followers are never ending, as each year there will be teens that will pursue these niche.

Some of the niche topics review site you can create and run on part time basis are

Movie Review - if you're a huge movie fan and enjoy discussing the happenings in the movie story line, developing a move review site would suite you fine. You can have short excrept or summary of what the movie is all about. Beside reviewing cinema movies, you can review TV series, comedy, children education series or even general documentary show.

You write review on the story line of a movie or drama, the acting skills of the casts, and even new rising star. Movie gossip sites are not something new. They gather huge followers that seems to attracted on the happenings and private life style of movie stars.

Books Review - if you love reading, starting a book review site would just be the perfect online business model for you. You can start a specific niche book review for books you like to read, it can be romance, science fiction, non-fiction, ghost story telling, palmistry, astrology, personal development, financial intelligent or even computer programming. Books review can cover almost any imaginable topics you can find and there would be enough similar interest surfers around.

Internet online game, device games or PC games - the gaming industries have evolve to become a billion dollar money spinner around the world. It can be a good niche if you like to play digital games, especially when you can play along and write a review on the game. Review for this niche can revolve around game console review, game play, plot, cheat, walkthrough news etc.

In recent years, games for devices like IOS and Android apps have catch on as main stream entertainment. A niche in reviewing apps, free and paid games would is worth mulling over.

There are several ways for this type of site to generate revenue. You can sell advertising space to entertainment-related businesses promoting movies, having affiliate links or other related products. You could also sell movie paraphernalia such as T-shirts, toys, mugs, graphic products, stickers, posters, sound tracks, DVDs and other merchandise related to the industry covered.

Since you're in to reviewing, excellent analytical and writing skills are vital. You need to be able to convey your message to your visitors clearly and effectively. Since the success of your review site depends largely on the number of visitors that your site receives, knowledge of online marketing techniques would be an asset in the long run.

There will be excellent global potential for this type of business.