If you inspire to start your own online internet business or living in the internet age, here are some mindset shift you might need to develop. Eventhough many of the mindset listed are not a necessity for you to embark on this journey, having a knowledge or mastering some of them would help you having a stronger foundation to gauge quality, learning new skill, helps you pick more computer jargon and tweaking the ins and outs of your home based internet business.

1) Having an understanding of HTML - HTML is the foundation of building all website or web pages. Regardless of whether a website is built using php, asp or any other programming languages, its still based on html. PHP (a type of web programming language) for instance, parses the logic behind the code and display the final web page in html. You can read the final block of codes parses to the browser on a web page by choosing 'view source' on your browser.

Does this mean you'll need to learn how to create a website? The simple answer is a Yes, this is one skill that will give you the edge even if you've outsource all your website matters to someone you can trust. Your long term online internet based business revolve around a website, having the knowledge would certainly help and can save your a lot of money and time in long run.

Knowing how to build one doesn't mean you'll need to do it yourself, if helps you to gauge the quality of your own website.

2) SEO is one area you can learnt in an hour but need a lifetime to master. There are too many SEO expert out there saying too many things and whom should you believe? If you were to listen to my advice, I would recommend you head on to http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/ This is Google's official blog, what is being posted is what Google has to say about a topic.

There are time, you'll need to read between the lines to really understand what they really mean eventhough you might find many difference interpretation on the same issue over the internet.

Remember, its your own responsibility to ensure your business remain legitimate, what you want to know about SEO and Google has either already been answered or asked on Google's webmaster central.

Some of the issue discussed and answers given on Google's blog would need you to have some technical knowledge to have a better understanding.

3) Learn about the internet - the younger generation who are more IT savvy have no problem differentiate what is Google, Yahoo, Facebook, The Internet, Internet Explore and FireFox.

The internet is a fast and ever changing place.

If you can't see much changes everytime you uses the internet then you're not using it right, you got to be more observant and pay more attention the next time you uses the internet again. There are people out there thinking Google is the Internet and still believe everything that appear on the computer screen!

If you belongs to the latter, its time you start learning now.

4) Do some reading about online security - Scammers are always on the prowl sending out millions of emails everyday since the beginning of internet to trick people into clicking on the link enclose in the email.

Often when a trusting person click on the link in the email, they'll compromise their login information to scammer. This trick of tricking other to surrender their login information is call 'Phishing'.

Online security threat issue will becoming more prevailing, starts creating the awareness now by not closing a blind eye on it.

5) Learn to manage your password - seemingly like a joke, with increasingly more and more online application are being developed and implemented learning to manage your user ids and passwords has taken a new twist.

6) Keep an eye on the open source communities - whatever online needs you can think of, chances are it's already available online for free. There are many online developers who joinly co-develop world class software or application which include even the source code for those who wanted a copy of it. Some of the most popular software or application you can have for your home based internet business project are Wordpress, GIMP, OpenOffice and KompoZer.

7) The Bogus guru - The easiest way to make money online is to sell how to make money online secrets. Certainly there is nothing wrong teaching or sharing a know how with others, the fact is that there are too many people selling supposedly great ideas or secrets that is already been published on the web.

Only a handful of people who actually shared and walk their talk whilst most of the naive are just echoing what is being said online hoping to sell into great time.

Because no one really know precisely what is the level of knowledge that the self claim gurus are, you might end up parting with your hard earn money learning things you already knew.