The entire travel industry has been making a rapid transition to providing online service or information. Lots of people travel frequently and they need to arrange their accommodations long before they get to where they’re going. Hotel guides make it much easier for travelers to do this and they are in high demand all over the world.

If you're already in the travelling industry, this niche might work out to be much easier for you. However, not all is lost, if you're not a business insider, you'll expand this knowledge as your hotel guide business progresses. The way this business model work is by building a hosts of information about hotels, parkings available, nearby restaurants and amenities, the hotel's address, number of rooms, facilities available and service ratings of the hotels in areas you're familiar with. You may choose to build your hotels listing around a specific state, town, city or a specific area.

When you're building the content of your site, your targeted visitors can be foreign visitors from overseas on vacation, business trip and domestic travelers from other states.

For a start you may need to list basic listings of hotels for free to add contents to your site. As your site build up its name, revenue can be made by charging a monthly, biannual, or annual fee for a hypertext link from the database listing to the hotel’s Web site. Revenue is generated through the enhanced listings and banner advertising.

You would need solid billing strategy in this business model to keep track of due dates for banner ads, renewal of ads on your sites. You may need to made available an online payment processor for your clients to pay you online using credit card and also the ease of local hotel operators to pay you using offline method.

This business requires a fair bit of commitment like constant updating and editing. Beautifully capture photo of the listed hotels would add interest and attract recurring visitors. To add up the quality of the contents display on your site, you'll need knowing how to edit photos and web publishing skills.

As your business grow, you need to upgrade to more powerful web hosting for your site because of the photos and to provide faster response time to you visitors.