We all have hobbies. Even though we may not perceive our recreational activities as “hobbies,” they are. Playing video games, online multi player game, foruming, chating in social network like facebook and etc are present-day hobby for the younger and Internet savvy generation.

Some of the traditional hobbies that have a vast market which you can be turn into money making ideas are colleting coins, stamps, postcard, mini modelling of building, sports, coins, stamp collecting, antiques, remote control toys and crafts.

Hobby as it is suggested, its something one would do during spare time and nowaday they would often use the Internet to reach out. You would need to provide a significant amount of information and interactivity that suits visitors with similar hobby to keep coming back to your hobby website.

Some of the uncommon hobbies you might rarely heard of are Chinese tea collection, Comics collector, Model cars collector, Ginseng collector, Artifact, Paintings, Branded product logo/emblem collector, Metal badges collection for school/association, Car drifting and Wine collector. Some of these hobbies need huge capital and is not just a hobby for anyone. However if you have a special interest in hobby you can't afford, you're not alone. You can always include a review section in your website about the happenings, new product release and even the high price someone willing to bid for in auction for these costly items, it always never fail to charm enthusiast from visiting your site.

Revenue can derive from online sales of hobby products that you showcase on your website and also through affiliate relationships with manufacturers and distributors of the hobby paraphernalia that pertains to your target niche.

Understanding the hobby industry will help you design a website that stands up to other hobby sites on the web that target your niche group. Focusing on a hobby you enjoy personally would be beneficial, since you may need to answer related questions.

This business requires little time making it ideal for those who decide to keep their full time job and would update their site during the weekend. This is one of those category of home based internet business you can start and manage single handily.

Hobby website or forum is a perfect way for hobby enthusiasts to meet each other and discuss their hobby. The only foreseeable barriers are language, tariffs, and shipping costs which might create a barrier for some.

Some of the pitfalls you might want to be aware of when creating a hobby site are:

- if you've more than one hobby which you want to take it online, use one website for just one hobby, do not mixed different hobby together in one website. It creates confusing for your visitor with different interest.

- Do not sell valuable products on auction site and deliver through courier, there are lots of scammers on the prowl for these items.