If you're some those who love fixing things, you can start a Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorial site. You can start with something easier like how to fix a leaking paip, how to change a car wheel, how to make a hair cut etc. Don't assume the daily essential that you think its easy for you, no one else would take interest in it. You'll be amaze by the attention and traffic that's coming for it.

You can create some high quality tutorial video, by simply using iPhone or camera. Video capturing nowaday is easy and you don't even need a special video recorder to do it.

All you need to do before capturing the video tutorial are some planning on the chronicle of your presentation. Some rough guide are:

1) Introduction of what you want to do.

2) What are the tools, raw material or preparation needed. If you're capturing a video on how to fix a leaking paip, show your audience what type of wrench, the size of it and other thing you might need like a seal tape or a replacement rubber washer.

3) Show the steps to peform it.

Here are some tips for capturing a good DIY tutorial video

1) Pay some attention to the angle of your camera. Think of it from the view point of the viewer.

2) Prepare some labelling to label items if there too many of it. Example if you're capturing a cooking video, labelling some of the essential like cooking oil, salt, sugar or flour would make your viewer having a better understanding of what is added while you're cooking.

3) Pay attention to lighting source, always have stronger lighting source at the back if you're holding the camera. Watch out for uneven lighting that cause heavy shadow on the object you want to feature. Use a reflector on the side or around of the object to even up the lighting source.

4) Practice first whenever possible as the old saying 'practice makes perfect'.

5) If you're doing voice recording as well, speak clearly and naturally. Always reherse before shooting.

6) Avoid going into to much details that might cause confusion. Make it as simple as possible, most people searching for solution on the web are looking for the easiest possible way to deal with their problem.

Videos can be loaded to popular video hosting and streaming site like youtube and share on your own website or social network for marketing.

Depending on the content and topics that your site is having, revenue for this type of business model would be from on site advertisement, affiliate income or even selling user manual.