This is one fairly easy to start home based internet business or work from home online business for those of you who love hunting for good food.

To start this type online business, its essential for someone who loves the art of critiquing cuisine and sharing it with an audience. This business, although online, is regionally based because one need to go to the place to dine and write a review. Revenue can be generated primarily from advertising by local restaurants and eateries that want to be featured within the guide and you might end up having plenty of free lunch and dinners once your business is well known and you're invited to write a review.

Alternatively, your site could be an independent eating out review site. Eventhough there are already too many eating out guide around. Here are a few tips that can make yours stand out than the rest.

Write an honest review - some eating guide gives too generous praises to eating places under their review because they are paid to do so. When patrons visited the eateries and find out the food does not deserve that much of praises, your site's image and standard is at stake.

Write about the ease of finding the place - there are restaurant that are located far away from main district and is not easy to find. Place some attention to this area. Give a clear and ease to follow direction guide for your reader. Take note of prominent landmark if any, don't just say turn left when you see a cocount tree on your right.

Talk about the ease of transporting to the place - should you must need a car or just mere public transport will do. Should you need to drive to the place, give some rating to ease of finding a parking space. Finding a car parking space can be a big headache in some instance.

When you're starting out, most probably you'll have to pay your own bill, decide whether you want to introduce yourself as food critique and your online eating guide to the owner or not. Make this your standard practise and make it known to your readers.

Rate the service, treatment and cleanliness of the eatery - How long you have to wait to be served after making your order, is the eating utensils clean and the overall cleanliness. Not much eating guide website comment on the cleanliness of the wash room but I think its important because all the kitchen staffs uses that too now and then during the operation hours.

Comment or make a rating on the pricing scale - Fine dining restaurant's pricing structure should be different from that of a five foot path food stall. Define your scale and rating.

Most eating guide snap some pictures of the dishes, learn to take a better photo of the food. Some of the best photos can taken using a mobile phone or iphone but if you're serious in the business invest in at least an automatic camera that can take crystal clear pictures on close up. If you're using an automatic camera, here is a personal tip from me, try take photo with your "flash off", you'll be surprise with the outcome.

Learn to critique in a constructive and friendly manner. Don't be rude when you criticize even if you've been treated badly while at the eatery. Praises are the norm most people have learnt to ignore when reading a food critique article, criticism is what makes you stand out among the rest of the eating guide out there.