Setup your own dot com website is one of the easiest thing to do when you planned to setup a website. Nonetheless it could be a daunting task for some.

The next thing you may want to find is a domain registrar that would allow you to register a dot com. Some of the world famous domain registrar are, and

Those are just some of the more well known domain registrar on the web. I'm naming for reference. You can find more by doing a google search for domain registrar.

Instead, you should take note of the registration price.  Some registrar offer a very cheap start up price that seems tempting, but watch out for the renewal price. It can be hefty.

Domain name registration is in fact, not a daunting task. You can easily follow through by following the instructions given during the registration process. Once it's done, your domain is ready.

Some of the FAQs about domain registration are:

1. How much does it cost to register a domain name?
The standard pricing for a dot com is around USD10. Different domain extention may have different pricing scheme. You can use 10 dollars as the benchmark.

2. What type of payment do they accept?
Most of the worldwide domain registrar accept Paypal, Credit card and Debit card.

3. How to get a discount on buying a dot com?
Some of these domain registrar do offers discount coupon from time to time. You can easily hunt for a bargain from a Google search. Example search: "discount coupon registrar-name month year"

4. After getting a domain name, what else do I need?
You may want to subscribe to a web hosting. Web hosting does not comes together with domain name registration by default but some registrar do provide you with limited space. You'll need a web hosting for the contents of your website.

5. Can I register with one domain registrar because of its good pricing and host the contents somewhere else?
Yes you can, in fact most of the professionals, amateurs and seasoned webmaster does that.  In order for you to do this, you'll need some basic understanding of DNS setting. Instructions on how to setup your DNS would normally be sent to you after you register your dot com.

6. Why some websites have an extension other than dot com?
Dot com is a generic domain name, meaning it does not specify the country coding in its name. Major search engines nowadays places emphasis on domain with country name extension on different geographical location worldwide.

Other common generic websites extension you might have noticed are .net, .org, biz, and .info, .tv, .name etc.

There are domain name that comes with a country code extension. You can find lists of countries domain extension name here:  List of countries domain name

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