Make a blog

blog about anything, it can be your personal life, grumbling, rant and rave or even on things you don’t like. Post in some original content every day and with a little promotion you could be on your way to make money online.

Paid survey.

One of the most tainted segment of make money online. All online paid survey companies claim to be legitimate, participant would need to pay a one time fee to signup which is often high. Once signup, you’ll be offer with some easy low paid job. As like all online companies that pay, you’ll need to met a threshold of wages earn before a payment is made, often these threshold would never be met, participant left after much frustration.

Free lancing

Sell your skills online or at free lancing sites. The awful truth is that looking for jobs at free lancing site is the dumbest thing I ever did. The wages war from bidding are dirty cheap and even if you’re successful in bidding jobs you’ll find it’s hard to make ends meet in the end of the day. Nonetheless, it’s a good choice for students to do to earn some pocket money.

Affiliate Marketing

Most sites offering affiliate services selfdom have package that work in the mutual benefits of the both seller and affiliates. Lots of providers leave the affiliate link or tracking code wide open in the URL. Affiliate marketing works wonder once upon a time but not anymore, it need a different game play. Almost everyone who are interested in making some money using the internet or learning to work from home knew about affiliate marketing. It is the promise for passive income that made thousands if not millions of naive people diving into affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Email has evolved into a must have for many. Signing up for autoresponsder and start lists building by way of capturing email addresses is a costly affair for many around the world where their countries’ currency exchange rate is lower than the US. Having that said then why are there lots of blogs out there are writing such nice review about email marketing? This is because many wanted you to click on their affiliate link they put up in their blog for you to signup.