I’ve been visiting and reading a lot of blogs lately because I have been thinking what my blog’s future theme should be.

It reminds me of an incident when I first started blogging in 2009. After some time, I decided to start a blog about how to work from home and make money online using the internet.

My first stumbling block is how to accept a payment over the Internet. Yes, the short answer is as simple as open a Paypal account. Eventhough it is a not big deal for many but back then, this question really bother me. What I did is I tried, Google for some options.

The results are worrying back then, many Malaysian blogger are saying all sort of things that Malaysians are facing with Paypal. Some online marketers found some kind of get around like using paid Debit card and with some even suggest going all the way down to Singapore just to open a Paypal account (back then these are paid information).

Without knowing all these problems have been resolved, I almost end up buying these so call solutions, back in early 2009.

If I would have paid for the wrong information, I might end up going all the way down to Singapore just to open a Paypal account.

This has prompt me to think again about information you find in blogs. As a matter of facts, many blogger has been so focus writing contents in their blog that they some how forgot to update on past prevailing issue that have been resolved.

It would have been a dream for many to have a timeless post in the blog that keep on pulling traffics and generating revenue for the blog owner but in reality many issues do change rapidly and needs updating to reflex the actual scenario.

It is a matter of good etiquette if you’re writing current prevailing issues, made sure you update what’s the latest progress.

Oh yes, if you wonder how I eventually found the solution to Paypal without paying for it – ‘Just do it’. I went straight to Paypal forgotten there was suppose to be a prevailing issue and signup for an account and its done.

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  1. Simon Lee 08 May, 2010 08:00  

    Hi WIlson, i cant refuse that paypal do bring some issues to fella IM, personally, i would suggest to use ESCROW if the amount is big, at least to safe guard both the buyer and seller.

    Just my 2 cents:)


  2. Gail from GrowMap 22 May, 2010 03:06  

    Thank you for commenting in my blog Wilson. I do update older posts in my blog because I see a blog as a reference resource and not a diary.

    That said, there will always be out of date information and varying opinions on issues so when researching we do have to be thorough.

    A great way to find the latest on a subject is to use the Zuula blog search because it sorts posts by recency AND relevancy. It makes it easier to find the newer information first.

  3. Jayce 22 May, 2010 16:34  

    I don't have any issue PayPal after using it for 3 years. I can even withdraw money to local bank now. ^_^