There are many people who believe they can make money using the Internet. Well, if you're one of those who share the same thought, you're well in the fore front in this beginning of the information age. The fact is that there are people who are now making money on the Internet. As in the offline business, I believe the 20/80 rule applies. This simply means 20 percent of the people making money on the Internet made 80 percent of the money spent over the Internet. You would have guess what’s next, remaining 80 percent of the people shared the remaining 20 percent of the money spent over the Internet.

If you've writing skills and would like to start off, you can consider article writing. In this niche, you'll have to be clear this is not a passive income kind of home base internet business where you get a system up from a one time work and the money will starts rolling in from there on.

Basically in this niche, you're more likely to work as self employ. You may not want to go on full time basis for a start but its a good idea to write article for other on part time basis over the weekend.

Wages are not fix neither does it has any kind of standard for reference. Its truly an open market where you can bargain for the right price before starting work. I would say mostly people who wanted to hire an article writer are Internet marketers, blog owner, links builder and Private Label Rights producer. High quality original articles are highly sort after. These marketers can offer a valuable testimonial in return for a quality and better rates for the article write-up.

Here are some ideas you can use to charge for your work:

i) Base on number of words, rates can range from $5 for a 100 words article. You can set the rates, there are no fix rules.

ii) Per articles charge base on a topic, which you may want to includes research as value added. Don’t scrape information from other site on the same niche as those might be public secret that everyone in that niche already knew. Spend some time to provide in-depth but explained in an easy manner that even laymen can understand.

iii) Write for blog, there are blog owner who wanted writers who can do research and write quality articles on niche topic.

iv) Write for PLR producer, they are hungry for bulk quality articles. But you would want to produce some quality work to do some convincing.

It’s a matter of fact, starting an article writing business is one of the easier for those who have a flair for writing. Besides writing skills, you may want to improve on other areas like marketing, copywriting and search engine optimization as these skills would definitely be a compliment to your success.

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