If you dream of one day you want to work from home, making a living with home base internet business here are a few things you might want to know before jumping on board.

1. Working at home is NOT for most people. Don’t fall into believing the myth that “anyone” can work at home with an internet business. Working from home and running a home base business takes a lot of work, dedication, discipline, determination and patience. Not everyone has what it takes to make this dream come true. The right mentality is the most important attribute one must have in order to succeed.

2. Like any other bricks and mortar business. There is no short cut to success and work at home success never happen overnight. The ugly truth is, its most likely won’t even happen in the first 6 — 12 months especially if it is your first project. Most businesses take up to 3 years or more to start seeing a true and decent profit. Many people had the misperception about online internet business, thinking it is quick and easy money kind of business. People who had this mentality are those who most likely to fall for scams. For those who were already in the nine to five, its best to start your internet business as part time.

The internet is full of hype. Many people are being deceive into believing ‘you only need to work 15 minutes a day and you’ll be laughing to the bank’. Many people failed to realize building a home base internet business is serious business that need commitment and dedication. With most home based internet businesses, you will need to wear many hats for your business to operate successfully unless you have loaf of cash to outsourcing. You will be the one who is selling, marketing, purchasing, billing, fulfilling orders and after sales service. Most time, you will put in more hours than you do at your regular job in order to build up to the type of success that offers you that true freedom.

3. Lack of support. Funny as it may sound, even though people who are already working from home around the world is enough to form a nation, there are still even more people in this world that don’t even know how to use a personal computer. People who had family may find it hard to spare the time and the financial means to develop an online business. Your spouse may not be supportive of the ideas as not much people had ever heard of this type of business in the past. When you decide that you want to start a career working at home, those closest to you may not be ready to jump on the bandwagon and share your joy. Instead some may even advice against it out of concern for you. After all, working nine to five is seen as a better secure path for the future.

4. Information overload. For those who have started the journey are bound to experience this. The Internet is the world’s biggest library, you can find almost anything word can describe on it. If you research on a topic, especially on area like internet marketing, email marketing or make money online you’ll find endless information and your education never ends. Know where and when to stop researching, take action based on what you know and you’ll see the actual path that take you to the next level of higher know-how.

5. Expect to spend money. No matter what business you choose, there are bound to be some sort of costs involved. No matter how big or small that amount may be, these costs can include; office supplies, marketing materials, advertising costs, website and technical fees, phone, computers, digital storage devices, buying information and internet costs — just to name a few. Don’t hit the road without first finding out what your cost of running your business will be.

For those who made it, rewards include able to spend more quality time with family, be their own boss, work from anywhere so long as there is internet access and take charge of their own destiny. The internet is here to stay and it will keep evolving, keep abreast with its development and trend.

  1. Sherman Smith 07 April, 2010 07:39  

    This was a great article about the things you need to know before starting an internet business. There so many people that will get in without realizing the hard work that needs to be put in to grow their businesses.

  2. Home Business Blog 11 April, 2010 17:00  

    Hi Wilson,
    I think your post will help put to rest some of the myths many people still have about starting an internet business. While there are people who made good money from it statistics have shown there are more failures than successes. Maybe this post will in some small ways help to correct that trend a little. For those people who have the right mindset and attitude the online business is still very challenging and rewarding to venture into. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Peter Lee