One surefire asset that can enable you to make money working at home is to become a freelance writer.  Anyone can be a writer, but if you can do it particularly well, this may be just the kind of work that you can definitely propel you to a different position in the internet marketing world to supplement your own income.

If you are new to this, you may want to begin your make money online venture on part time basis.  Need not fret because this make money at home stuff is nothing new and quite popular.   It pays relatively well once you grasp hole of it.  Here are some words of advice that can help you enhance your freelance writing to better fit your client’s needs.

Who Are Your Audience?
Find out from your client who the audience is for the article.  This way you will be better to structure it in the language and format that is best understandable to your targeted audience.   If you're writing article that promotes affiliates, for instance, it may be best to write the article emphasis more on commision payout percentage, when and how it is going to be pay to your affiliate and followed by the benefits of the product to end users.

On the other hand, for the same product, if the article is meant for the end users, emphasis should be on the benefits of them using the product, guarantee refund of money policy if any, how to delivery (instant download or via post), after sales support and testimonial from happy customers.

Be Sincere
If you really want to promote a product well through your writing, use the product and experience the benefits for yourself.   By doing this, you can write a better article that will honestly tell the reader about the product, and if they have questions you can also easily give them the answers that they need if they contact you online. 

A lot of people write with lots of hype.  Ask yourself this question, how would your customer look at you after finding the truth?  Do not pretend to be expert and answer all the question.  People can take it you're better in one area and weaker in other, nobody would expect you to be perfect,  so don't and never "Lie".   Believe it or not, most of the time, reader can sense whether you're telling the truth or not.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit
Writting should aim at using few words.  Writing long-winded articles will only bore the reader.   Keep the number of words to roughly about 500 and be sure to stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point.  This will keep readers interested and looking for more of your written work.

Keep your language simple
Write in simple language so that it can reach out to wide spectrum of readers.  Avoid jargon whenever possible.   Unless you're writing article specially for technical people, use laymen language.

For instance, instead of 'domain name' use 'website name'.  Non techie get confuse what 'domain name' is, but they understand what website is.

Use the word  'human'  rather than  'homo sapien'
Once you've get the hang of writing, you can look up at freelancing directory to post your writing services.