How many times have you come across such headlines?  What do you think?  Do you really believe that amount of money can be made in a week?  Maybe I was too get use to it that the first impression whenever I see this headlines my mental block will automatically block and label it as 'Hype'.   I always have this argument in me that says, if you're really making that amount of money constantly every week, you wouldn't be selling those secrets.  After all why would one sold off a secret that really work for just one lump sum short term gain?  It doesn't made sense, isn't it?

I believe making such money in a week is possible, but rarely what newbies would ask is how much of back end preparation work and for how long it takes before finally putting the product on the market and racking in the sales.

There are so many people claiming to made huge money from the Internet and often all hypes are crafted to entice newbie into reading on.  I purposely putting such header to see whether these hype are really enticing.  If you happens to drop by to read this post because of the header, please accept my apology.

  1. Jayce 08 March, 2010 10:28  

    ProBlogger earns more than this. But that's him. Not most of us. =P