Some people are confused thinking that once a domain name is acquired through a registrar, its automatically hosted. There are different between getting a domain and web hosting.  Even though some offer an amount of free disk space as perk, if you get a domain from them.

You can register a domain with one registrar and host your contents with another web hosting.

Web hosting is where you buy disk space from web hosting company to store your contents (web pages, images, videos and audio files).  Some web hosting company do provide you with a User Control Panel (UCP), that ease the job of installing common applications automatically.

Although, you may tend to think all website necessity are provided as default but in reality, this may not be the case.  I've encounter with web hosting company that don't provide UCP.  Access to php and database is granted upon request.
Let’s take a look at godaddy’s case because godaddy is well known for its reputation of good domain registrar. When you buy a domain from godaddy, godaddy automatically grant a hosting account for you. But this free hosting from godaddy comes along with ads being put up in your website.

In my previous post, I akin a domain name to a person’s name and now I akin a hosting account as to a person’s home.

Why I said that?

In a hosting account you can have many domain hosted in it. Its just like a home and you can have many family members in it.