There are probably hundreds thousand of sites if not in millions out there defining what Domain is from a point view, only techie could understand.

The way I’m having it is that Domain is akin to a person’s name. But in the case of a person’s name, it can be allow to have repetitive, we can have case where two different person having the same name.  But in a domain, it is much more unique because it cannot be repeated throughout the whole Internet.  For example is unique and it has only one in the whole Internet.

Why am I defining What Is Domain for?

Well, this is the first part of a series of related articles explaining some commonly used term in the online Internet business world. Many beginners have a fair bit of confusion when first dealing with these terms.

The primary objective of this site is to help all beginners which including those who have little or without technical knowledge to understand Internet jargon in laymen term.

My next article is going to be what is web hosting and why do we need one for our Internet business.   I’ll try to make it easy to understand how domain and hosting are two different thing, so people without technical knowledge can easily understand.