For the advance users, they knew their IP is under surveillance while surfing. On the other hand, there are even more people that is not aware that they're being watched while surfing online.

So, is there a way to hide your IP while surfing and some might even ask, what can we do to protect our privacy?

One way to surf anonymously is to use proxy server as gateway to the Internet. A proxy can do a lot of things like hiding your real IP and conceal your real identity thus protecting your privacy. Here are some reviews gathered on these software.

Hide My IP 5.2
Received the best review from users. One time payment of USD29.95 for the proxy client, access speed is limited for the trial version. Overall its easy to use even for non technical people. There are also subscription base premium service for USD7 a month for those who required more features.

Hide IP Platinum
Allows 3 days trial, cost USD35. Feedback received is that the software isn’t working well in hiding IP. General reviews gather give this software a poor rating.

Hide IP NG
Allow 3 hours trial, cost USD35. Overall feedback rating received for this software is poor be it in performance or after sales support.

Easy Hide IP
Workable on performance wise, the only cons is that it is subscription based with a monthly cost of USD3.99.

I would recommend Hide My IP 5.2 for people who wanted ease of use, value for money and doesn’t know too much on the technical side of how IP and proxies work. Hide My IP 5.2 its a straight forward and easy to use software even for people who have little networking knowledge.