What is DNS

Posted by Wilson |

If you do a search on the Internet, probably you’ll find two meaning what DNS stands for. Domain Name Server or Domain Name System.

It maybe express and explained in different ways but basically it still means the same things.

To explain it in a manner so non-techie could understand – just remember it as “Do Name Search”.

Let’s look at the Internet, all website is given a name. It’s easier for you to remember a site for its name rather than its actual numeric address.

For instance, is the numeric address for Google. Try enter it your URL, you’ll go to google.com and numeric address will bring you to yahoo.com.

On the other hand when you type “google.com” in your URL it goes to Google. Our browser actually goes to the site using the numeric address that is not easy to remember to most people.

Thus this is where DNS come into play, when you type in a name in the URL, our browser send the name to DNS.  The DNS would actually find the related numeric address and tell our browser the numeric address of the site we looking for.