This video is loaded on youtube purportedly teaching others how to hack someone else email password whether its yahoo, gmail or msn email without the needs to download any software. Victims don’t get hack of their email account but instead was lured to a decoy page to click on the ads displayed.

This is how the overall scam works, the scammer shows viewer a screen where you’re ask to enter the victim’s email and pass code. To get the Pass code, viewer needs to go to a designated URL and click on an Adsense advertisement. There goes, an Adsense income for the scammer!

This video is reloaded by Isuka with scam tag in place to warn unsuspecting victims.  The original video is loaded using the nickname of "pplmnb2" Watch and enjoy this 5 minutes video loaded by the scammer.


Here is a screen shot showing the loader of the original video.

Below is the screen shot of the video’s title on youtube.

This scam exposed is highlight by Mr Masaru Isuka (a speacial thanks to you). :)