I’ve just open my first paypal account and getting it verify using my debit card. The whole process of signing up and getting it verified was a smooth ride.

Never across my mind would there be any hassle. I was stun the other day while browsing the Internet, I stumble upon a forum posting with user sounds worried on getting their Paypal verified.

Here are some of the common questions asked which I can related and share some of my experience:

1) Can you open a paypal account if you don’t have credit card?

Yes, alternative is to use debit card. I use a Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. If you intent to use debit card from other local banks but not sure whether it can be use to verify your Paypal account, the solution is simple, just ask the bank officer before you apply for it.

2) Do I need to transfer money into my Paypal from my credit/debit card before purchase online?

You don’t need to transfer in money from your card account. Paypal first uses any money in your Paypal account and for the remaining outstanding balance if any, will automatically be transfer from your cards account to fund the purchase.

3) It is rumor to get your Paypal verify, your name fill up when opening Paypal account must be exactly the same with your name in credit / debit card’s detail.

No, its not true in my case. When I filled up my application online with Paypal, I wasn’t using my full name. It doesn’t strike my mind at that time thus I enter my nick name in my Paypal account. I only check and found out my name differences after I read about this rumor and at that time, I already had my Paypal account with me - what a pleasant surprise.

Well I can understand that some of the information are from passed experience of some marketers at a time when they really faced difficulties opening Paypal account here in Malaysia. Some of the solution offered then is no choice but to go all the way to Singapore just to register and open a Paypal account.

Don’t you think a Paypal account is precious for people doing online business back then? Those old information has been floating around in the Internet for years now, hope the dust will settle soon.