The document title: “Latest secrets of Y, How 2 hack yahoo password”.  Do you think anyone would fall for this kind of old tricks? Most probably yes. This tricks seems simple but you bet this could work cause there a lot of people out there on the Internet having little security conscious.

Why would I say it is a scam? Well this bait wasn’t a good draft to entice the IT savvy but instead it’s good enough to get those less IT savvy people.

First, the draft seem to be from someone innocent sharing out a secrets of how to get others yahoo email password.

How the scam master benefits from this scam? Well people who are IT savvy wouldn’t bother to try this method, as they know it’s a scam.

Second, you could find group of people with curiosity creating some dummy account on yahoo trying out this method resulting the scam master having to control a few more dummy yahoo email account – perhaps for later on spamming activities?

Third, real victim who send their yahoo email id and password over end up finding out they’d been tricked. If you ever use this email for serious online banking transaction or linking to paypal account, this could spell serious trouble.

Here is an excerpt of the content published on the Internet, which claim to be able to retrieve yahoo email password of others.

"Hi 2 all members there.

Following is a file which I got from my some yahoo groups kept by some one linglori33 so was wonder whther or not it works? Finally I met one Girl on net who claimed she worled with yahoo in USA and when she truested me, then she told me a secret that if the yahoo id is an old one then it's really possible. So like 2 share it with all of u.

the method is as under as kept by linglori33

"How to Hack Yahoo Passwords:"

This is a simple way to hack Yahoo! passwords. No technical knowledge is needed. This is a tool that Yahoo! administrators use. You can use it and basically trick the system into thinking you are a Yahoo! admin and gain access to any valid Yahoo! account. There are other ways, but this is the easy way.

Follow these instructions (exactly!):

Send the email from ur account to:
Subject Line: Lost Password


2nd Line of Email: Your email Address (e.g. the same from where u r sending this e mail

3rd Line of Email: Blank

4th Line of Email: Your email password

5th Line of Email: Blank

6th Line of Email: Email Account that you want password for ( for example