Is Nigerian Scam in Exile Soon, it was reported by AFP on 22 Oct 2009, Nigeria’s anti-corruption police shut down some 800 scam websites with the arrest of 18 high profile syndicates organizations running cyber-crime.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss Farida Waziri said they have successfully identified and shut down over 800 fraudulent email address with the aid of smart technology they adopted by working together with Microsoft to track fraudulent emails.

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The Nigerian Government has prove that by adopting the right technology things can be done right.

On local fore-front, would the Malaysia Government adopt similar measures and take stern action on local cyber criminal purportedly running Malaysia Paypal scam, email scam or any other online scamming activities.  Before that there were reports on the Internet dated years back purportedly reporting online scamming are pervasive here in Malaysia.

But from what I know, Malaysia cyber law are not tough enough to dither even spammer.  For now I've not even read new law drafted punishing spammers.  What’s your say, have you been scam or came across scammers from Malaysia?