EBooks in PDF format are the most widely circulating info products on the Internet. I’ve seen marketers offering some tools on their site to do just that - convert documents into pdf format. Its generous of them to offer such services. One set back I could think of is this tools is only available online. It could be those are method used back in the earlier days and to buy a professional pdf writer could be dear for some.

I believe the Internet have changed so rapidly that today everyone could find whatever they want provided they know where and how to find it on the Internet and in this case a free pdf writer for your using even when you're offline.

Today I'm showing you how I do it using some free pdf writer tools available.

This tools is call pdfcreator

Step 1: Download from Sourceforge, its from the open source community and its 100% free.

Step 2: Installed into your PC/Notebook, it will create an additional printer call PDFCreator. Once it finished installed, it acts like a printer in your PC.
To use it; just edit any documents in your favourite editor like you normally would;
Click print and select print to your PDFCreator printer. It will ask you to rename and select where you want to place (save) your printout, in PDF format and you're done.

24 Jan 2011:
If you're thinking of giving this free tool a try, read this first before installing
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