Have you ever spent hours reading an ebook? Obviously if you ever experience that, you would have notice some ebook uses very small font size making them eye straining. There you go, tip number one, use big font in writing your ebook. Here are some suggestions

Arial, size 13 to 14.5
Tahoma, size 13 to 14.
Verdana size 12.5 to 13

Here is how I judge the outcome of readability font size, open up an ebook, set your view to 100%, now sit back and look at it. I always benchmark readability of an ebook by setting view to 100%. Do you feel comfortable reading?

With bigger font size wording, spacing between each line will look cramp. If you are using Word to write, adjust the line spacing between each line to enhance readability. If you are using Word, go to Format, Paragraph and look at Spacing. You can adjust your spacing before and after a paragraph and also Line Spacing between each line in the paragraph.

Beside font size and spacing in between, left margin and right margin of your page layout also play a part to improve comfort in reading. If you have to scroll your eyeball horizontally from left to right each time you read a line, it must have been tiring after awhile. What I do is I’ll limit my length to 5.5 inches.

Nevertheless, these are not deciding factors whether an ebook is a runoff success or not, but it does add to the comfort of reading on your screen. Made your ebook best read on screen to discourage people from printing them. Help save a tree, reduce paper usage; we are the cancer cells to our planet Earth. Help spread the word, this is how we Internet Marketer can do for our planet.

Be a good cancer cell??